In Their Words.

It’s one thing for us to brag about how delicious Tuscan Natural is and the incredible added health benefits packed in each bag. But when you hear it straight from our loyal customers, well, that’s just plain hard to beat.

If you have a story or a few words you would like to share, we would be more than happy to hear them. Please drop us a note!

Meg says:

I just wanted to share how much we LOVE your CBD snap treats! I recently bought a bag for our dog who is a rescue, nervous about everything and has a hard time just living life.

I have tried so many different brands of “calming” treats, hemp oil infused and CBD treats and I have to say yours are the best! I love that the doses are easy to snap off depending on the situation or day.

Judi says:

This is the best dog food I have ever used for my Yorkies. Hair is so long and shiny - won't ever change

Lana says:

My dog Jackson, is a rescue dog, Boston Terrier, 10 yrs old. I found Tuscan Natural as a sample product and fed it to my PICKY eater…
Not only is he getting more svelte, he is all around healthier. His bad breathe and (old dog) odor has disappeared, incredibly. He only needs a bath once a month now. - I am impressed with your product.

PS My picky cat steals a bite or two every day, and Mr. Kitty doesn’t like most foods. So, I know you are doing something very good for pets.
Thanks Tuscan Natural! I appreciate your product

Danielle says:

Hi, I just wanted to say how happy I am to have found your pet food. I was feeding my English Bulldog Brand X, but with the recent food recall we decided to switch brands. The clerk at the store we buy our food from suggested Tuscan Natural to us and explained how there hasn't been a recall. I look forward to purchasing a safe product. Thanks.

Pam says:

All 4 of my pups will get nothing but your food from now on. I bought a small bag a couple of weeks ago and Bear's itching was better almost immediately. Their coats are shiny and nice and they gobble the food up all by itself. Thank you for providing a quality dog food for those of us whose dogs are our kids!

Linda says:

All I can say is WOW!! My dogs are going crazy for it . It has everything I was looking for in a performance food.

Becca says:

I'd like to thank you for making Tuscan Natural Chicken Meal formula dry dog food. It is the only dry dog food my yellow lab Sandy can eat. She has severe allergies and I am so thankful to have found you.
Please don't change a thing. We love it!!

Lauren says:

I decided to put my dog on the Ocean Extreme and my cat is now on Carne. And they are both doing wonderful my dog has toned out big time and no longer looks scrawny and scraggly. He looks tone and tight now. I love what this food did for him and my cat seems to not be pleading for the sink water as much and her color has lightened in her litter. thank you so much. My pets have really improved and they weren't on horrible food to begin with.