Well, I’m now into uncharted territory.  I have never “blogged” before, but as a feature of our new redesigned website, we wanted a way to communicate better with our friends – So Now I Am A Blog Dog!

Our intent is to use this forum as a way to share what is going on with Tuscan Natural, what is new with our retail partners, as well as a way to introduce our “true” customers – your pets.  In between, I hope to share some insight into who we are, why and how we produce Tuscan Natural pet foods, and share information that is interesting and helpful to the health of your pet.

If you would like to share your story with us, give us feedback, suggestions, or to just say hi – feel free to email us: info@pyramidpet.com

What you will find out about us is – we are a young company full of very experienced pet people – who truly care about animals (among our staff we currently have horses, cats, dogs, and even an iguana) – we aren’t an international grocery conglomerate – we are your neighbors – but have tapped some of the best nutritionists in the nation to help us develop a truly unique food.

You are also going to hear us tout our Extra Virgin Olive Oil – and many may think it is just a marketing ploy – but the truth of the matter is we tout our extra virgin olive oil because we believe in it – and – it WORKS!  There is approximately 15 oz of the olive oil in every 30# bag of Tuscan Natural.

So, please take a look at our new website, send me your feedback, suggestions, and ideas.  And let the blog journey begin……