There is an interesting story to tell, why with hundreds of pet foods on the market would someone want to make pet food?

Way back when, grain dealers and slaughterhouses found a creative way to use products not fit for human consumption, pet food.  In the mid-50’s Purina created the modern way to create pet food called extrusion.  This made it easy and cost effective to mass produce pet food.  Grocery conglomerates discovered a whole new segment of food; pet food.

Shortly after this the race was on to market pet food.  We now had all types of clever marketing terms to entice people to enjoy the ease of dry kibble.  They added vitamins and minerals and labeled the foods as “complete”, they used celebrities and veterinarians to convince us that Gravy and Natural Colored Dyes were good for our pets.  They sold the kibble in the grocery stores and they made money. Lot’s of money.

Then in the early 80’s small manufacturers of pet foods started looking at proper nutrition and a new breed of foods emerged – “Premium” pet foods arrived at small independent feed stores.  And guess what? Pet owners started to leave grocery stores and buy healthier pet foods at these independent retailers.  The big dog food manufacturers started losing market share (read profits) to small independent manufacturers who – gasp! – were concerned about nutrition and the health of the pet.

There were dozens of independent manufacturers who were just beating the snot out of the conglomerates. So what is a multinational grocery conglomerate to do? Well, if you can’t beat’em – buy’em.

So being part of the pet industry, we watch brand after brand of pet food get bought by companies with names like – Purina, Mars, Del Monte, Proctor & Gamble, and Colgate.  And we saw recipes change to include cheaper ingredients.  And what happens next, we go back to the 60’s with clever marketing terms and images portrayed to make us think the changes are good.

We eventually got tired of companies who cared more about profit than pets.  So we founded Tuscan Natural with the sole purpose of making THE best pet food.

So to make a long story short (too late) – We want to give YOUR pet the finest nutrition to keep them healthy and able to enjoy Life’s Everyday Adventures.