Picture you have just spent the last year in Afghanistan, not knowing who may be a good guy and who may be a bad guy. Not knowing when the next attack will come; will it come from a supposed “friendly” behind you? Will the road in front of you just explode? Your very life depending upon you being aware and cautious of EVERYTHING around you.  A year of not being able to trust or relax.

Now you come home and you go to the movies – its dark, the crowds, the noise level, the parking lot full of cars going every direction, cars racing up fast to drop off late movie goers,  teenagers darting through cars to get to friends.

Could you immediately relax and trust again?

Research shows that dogs can replace drug treatments for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A dog can help overcome the emotional numbness many feel, they soothe when the Veteran is anxious, they can establish a distance between the Veteran and the crowd, they are constantly sweeping the area for threats. They are the Veteran’s “Battle Buddy” at home in civilian life.

We here at Tuscan Natural met and learned about this “dog treatment” from Kevin Cameron owner of Alpha K9 in Sacramento California.

And how does Kevin know so much about the benefits of service dogs for our Veterans? Kevin is a Disabled Combat Veteran who was a Military Working Dog Trainer and Kennel Master for the US Army.

Kevin’s mission now is to provide PTSD Service Dogs trained specifically for each Veteran’s need, virtually free to the Veteran. He formed Alpha K9 with a core group of volunteers to match dogs with Veterans, and is involved in each dog’s training.  In 2013 Alpha K9 provided 150 PTSD Service Dogs to Veterans.

After meeting Kevin and seeing the Veterans and their dogs we knew we had to be a part of this.

So Tuscan Natural is proud to be able to sponsor all of the PTSD Service Dogs in Training with Alpha K9.

You can watch a good video here: Television News Report

From those of us at Tuscan Natural to those that served – THANK YOU

Please visit our friends Alpha K9 at www.AlphaK9.org or www.facebook.com/AlphaK9