Ok, so I mentioned all the benefits that your pet will get from Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  But is this for real?  Just because something is good for humans doesn’t mean that is good for pets.

When we decided to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil – That is exactly what we thought.  We didn’t want an ingredient to be just a marketing gimmick. Search the internet and you will spend months reading research reports on the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for humans.  But, if you search the veterinary medical journals you will begin to find research – research that PROVES the benefits that we enjoy from olive oil comes through to our pets as well.

I know, you’re thinking “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah – like what?”

Well, how about Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps your pet absorb protein better than other oils.  A lot of manufacturers tout their high protein numbers.  But in reality your pet’s digestive system is extremely short, and most of that protein ends up in the backyard (or litter box).

A report published in 1991 by researchers with the University of Granada in Spain* found that pet food made with olive oil resulted in a 40%-46% reduction in the amount of protein in the dogs stools.

Think about that – your pet able to retain 46% MORE protein with Tuscan Natural Pet Food than pet foods made with sunflower oil.

That is protein that your pet can use to create healthy muscles, provide energy, improve skin and coats. These are the necessary items that allows your pet to run long and fast, jump tall buildings (all right – fire hydrants), and enjoy every single romp.

So, don’t fall for marketing gimmicks from other manufacturers – Tuscan Natural Pet Foods not only provides your pet with the nutrition they need for life’s everyday adventures – we back it up with PROOF.

Remember – Life is out there




*Protein digestibility in dog.  Effect of the quantity and quality of dietary fat (virgin olive oil and sunflower oil)

Ballesta / Martinez-Victoria et al. (1991)

Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology, Department of Physiology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Granada, Granada, Spain