You cannot care about the health and well being of your pet without those same concerns flowing into the food chain which goes into keeping your pet healthy and happy.  Just as we don’t support “puppy mills” that cage and mistreat dogs, we cannot in good conscience support ranchers that mistreat and sell meat filled with drugs, steroids, and chemicals.

Since it’s inception, Tuscan Natural has only sourced meats from suppliers that meet the strictest animal welfare standards.

What are some of these standards?

Animals must be free range / cage free.  They must have shelter, yet room to move freely and express their natural behaviors.

They must have constant access to a diet of healthy, nutritious feed and fresh water.

They must mature naturally without added steroids or hormones.

All of the animals must have natural lighting.

The only way for Tuscan Natural to provide the healthiest diets for YOUR pet is to assure that we are being good stewards of our renewable resources.  We believe in a cruelty free, sustainable lifestyle from farm to your pet’s bowl.  We want you to make responsible choices for your pet, so we make responsible choices in preparing your pet’s meals.